I am Akin Kongi of Akins Squared Limited, a passionate creative with an eye for the unique, the unusual or not easily visible. That’s what being a Filmmaker and Photographer is to me. Capturing moments or retelling narratives from a myriad of perspectives while lending alot of support towards the black and asian market both in creativity and distribution. Akin Kongi graduated in business and finance, and later studied insurance. A keen photographer from the age of 18, he transited into being a filmmaker. He has worked both locally and internationally as a photography/filmmaker.

As a photographer, he had his first exhibition was at the Bogobiri Art Festival in 2013, and a year later at the world-famous Felabration in 2014. He exhibited at the famous miliki and became the Artist in residence for a year. He also exhibited at The Book and Kitchen in London in 2017.

Akin has worked with a lot of companies like MTN, Bacardi Martini, Dettol, Total, Goethe Institute, West African Power Pool producing short films and private work.

Since leaving film school in 2009, he shot feature films like “Oosa Aafin” which he was the main lead, producer and director. He also wrote and directed a second feature film “Ogere”.

Some of Akin Kongi's work

  • FOWORA- Executive Producer (2008)
  • OGBON- Executive Producer (2009)
  • Orisa Aafin- Executive Producer, Producer, Director, Actor (2010)
  • Felabration – Executive Producer, Producer, Director (2010,2011,2012)
  • MTN Fashion and Design week, Producer/Director (2011,2012)
  • Farrah Gray Motivational Seminars (MTN), Producer/Director (2012)
  • Mor with Akin, Producer/Director (2012)
  • Video for Slick P “International” (2012)
  • MTN Grant Innovation, Producer/Director (2012)
  • Martian Chronicles- Producer/Director (2012)
  • My Music, My People, My Lagos (Photography Exhibition) 2013
  • Felabration Exhibition 2014 (Photography Exhibition)
  • Ogere- Producer, Director, and Executive Producer
  • Calabash Series- Actor (Governor) 2015
  • Artist In Residence at “MILIKI” (2016)
  • Auction/Exhibition at Manuella’s Residence (2017)
  • Exhibition @ Book and Kitchen London UK (2017)

About Akins Squared

We are a production company offering photography and film production. We offer digital marketing as part of our services, allowing us to create content for SME’s. This is to help them achieve their main objectives. To provide an efficient service we have skilled staff with the right expertise in the different areas of photography and filmmaking.

We have worked with some of the big corporate bodies and individuals in Nigeria, Europe, and North America.

Akin Kongi is the CEO/Creative Director, a photographer-filmmaker.

He has directed, produced, and acted in numerous productions, some of which are available online. Akin Squared Limited is birth out of passion, giving excellent service delivery and technical prowess in filmmaking and photography.
Quality images and storytelling is our business.